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Friday, January 28, 2005
  Antisemitism, its global rise and education
The following is a quote from an article by Janine Zacharia, in The Jerusalem Post, a prominent Israeli newspaper in English.

"The State Department's first "Report on Global Anti-Semitism," mandated by a new law signed by President George W. Bush in October, documents anti-Semitic acts around the world between July 2003 and December 2004, has been released Wednesday (Jan., 5, '05, Dan Barkye).

A combination of traditional anti-Jewish prejudice, strong anti-Israel sentiment and Europe's growing Muslim population has contributed to a recent rise in global anti-Semitism, a new report to Congress released by the State Department on Wednesday said."

end of quote

Reflecting on the ugly phenomenon of anti-Semitism and its rise all over, especially in Europe, one has to be grateful that only 53% (according to a recent poll) of Brittons don't know much, or at all, about the Holocaust. This, in spite of all the efforts to plant some knowledge in the people's awareness about this abomination beyond belief committed against the Jewish people for pure racist reasons.

Reckon, though, what would it have been and how would it look without those efforts. 0% would know about it, not the remaining 47.

So, the important thing is that there are efforts made to educate people about it and that without it, no one, maybe, would know about it.

Don't let it be forgotten, spread the word about it and about the danger of the reemergence of such ideologies and notions, and of their proponents, or deniers.

The danger of such ugly "dreams" coming true is much too real to overlook. Just remember the atrocities of the 20th century, right after the WWII, up to this very day, starting with the pogroms against returning Jews to Poland from the Nazi concentration camps, through the massacre of the Ibo tribe in Nigeria during the '60's, the Rwanda and Bosnia ethnic massacres in the '90's and the Darfur ethnic genocide in Sudan, going on right now, as you read this.

Remember! Fight it! En guarde!

-- by Dan Barkye --

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