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Monday, February 07, 2005
A poem dedicated to Jerusalem, the beloved, written by a dear friend of mine.

Helen is a painter, living in Jerusalem, water-coloring the wonders of this eternal city of Ur-Shalem from the place of her residence and of her eyes and heart.

Do visit her website, and maybe her home and studio, too, and see the wonders!...

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I am writing a poem to you
Jerusalem the Beautiful
Wondering if it’s possible
That when God created you
He knew
I would fall in love with you
The moment I saw you
Forty-five years ago

Did he plant you in my dreams to create
A longing, an ache
For a place I’d never seen?
Until I was compelled to come to you
And walked your streets with such familiarity
That it must be
We’ve known each other for centuries
Perhaps for Eternity

Once, strangely, I saw me
Running in front of me
Wearing a white linen garment
Disappearing round a corner
In the Armenian Quarter…

Did God create your stones and gates
Your flowers and trees especially for me?
Knowing then
I would be inspired to paint them
Did he create your sweet clear air
To intoxicate me?

Often I am certain he is next to me
As I skip down the streets
Pleased with my elation
At the beauty of his creation
In the Spring especially
As my eyes bless the blossoms
Of the almond trees
And marvel at the carpets
Of wild flowers
And dance in the rain
For endless hours

My heart beats in tandem
To your heart’s rhythm
My soul belongs to you
Now, at sixty-two
I am even more in awe of you

In the entire history
Of this exquisite City
I am absolutely certain
No one has loved you
More than I do

© 2004 Helen Bar-Lev


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