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Wednesday, July 13, 2005
  London is hit, West under attack
Though belated, I wish to dedicate this post to the unfortunate event in London, the barbaric and bestial murder of pure innocent people in the name of God. Yes, unbelievably as it may seem, it was done in the name of God. Let's not waste time and energy on describing how do I feel about it, because it should go without saying that I share the pain of the victims and their families and the disgust that so many feel toward this despicable act of misinterpreted religious fervor and misguided social activism. What is more important is how this new kind of war should be approached. For it is war, let there be no mistake about it. This is not just another crime, this is war. I believe that the West is under attack. I believe that if the West collapses, the world will collapse with it in a total chaos. I believe that the West should make a conscious effort to define its enemy in an intelligent and determined manner, one in which the rules of engagemnet are reviewed within the frame of the new circumstances, which are indeed unique, at least compared to what we knew until now about the rules of advancement of social and political goals. Though I have my own general thoughts about how this should be done, it is not for me to say it. I hope, and in fact I am pretty sure that the powers that be will be able to find the answers to this new plague of our times. I would like to end my epistle of today with a minute of silence in the honor of those who gave their lives, without knowing it, to the understanding of the new world in which we live and of the resolve we must find to fight the plague. Please, join me!
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