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Friday, July 15, 2005
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The Global Terror
There are two things, which I'd like to address. One is the fact that many of the would-be terrorists studied in the West, sometimes specifically to learn the how-to of their future trade, killing: chemistry, biochemistry, nuclear physics, etc. The other thing is how should we go and fight this plague? They are not centralized, they don't have a systematic type of organization, they come in a rather spontaneous way into the ranks of the amorphic body of the Terror Army. Sometimes, they act on their own in small groups, with only a general identification with the main terror groups. Sometimes, they are given only general instructions and then sent to a job on the spot to be done as they see fit according to the circumstances. How to make a bomb can be learnt online. They get killed, but no problem there. Many come on their own initiative to replace and fill the ranks. So we need to keep at bay individuals who come sworming at our gates, ready to be killed, ready for the sacrifice. This is a difficult task, no doubt. Again I don't know how to address this problem, but I can confidently point to it and say that this is the most urgent problem we face in the war on terror: The sporadic, and willing on the personal level, fashion, in which terror fighters join the terror ranks.

US Politics
Karl Rove is in the news and not so nice looking. If he is truly guilty of revealing the name of the CIA agent, he should be fired immediately. This would enhance the positive image of the Republicans, in the face of an imminent Democratic attack if Bush overlooks what is a blunt misdeed and a possible felony. It will show the integrity which they want the nation to think they have.

Today's items
FAA and FCC. Why is it that FAA is the Federal Aviation Agency, but FCC is the Federal Communication Commission?

Freeters, a combination of "free" and "arbeiter" (worker, in German). Japan. (By Yuri Kageyama, The Associated Press, as it appeared in The News-Press of SW FL, on July, 13, in the Business section.)
Those are people who "(loose rendering) defy past standards of success by working temporary jobs to finance their dreams - becoming a dnacer, poet or even a farmer. ... In spite of being a graduate of the prestigious Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, Baba is working a wide array of sporadic jobs, all to support his first love, the traditional tayko drums. In so doing, he earns only a small sum of what he could earn in a good job. This is a real concern for the Japanese government, becuase it could erode the tax revenue basis in a country with growing ranks of elderly who are dependent on state run pension and health care system. So much so, that businesses and government offices alike have set up groups to tackle the so-called "freeter problem."
Of Today

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