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Saturday, July 16, 2005
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The War on Global Terror
Support for bin Laden falls in Muslim countries (14 Jul 2005, Reuters and other news sources)
It was expected. Support for, and confidence in Al Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden, fell since May, 2003, "in much of the Muslim world, according to a multicountry poll released on Thursday". The countries involved in a "survey by the Pew Research Center, examined public opinion in six predominantly Muslim nations: Morocco, Pakistan, Turkey, Indonesia, Jordan and Lebanon" and other non-Muslim countries.
Such a shock therapy applied to an innocent world, without discrimination, just because it is an "infidel" world, would and could not go without having a measure of the contrary results for the audience to which it was intended.
I hope that this fall in support for the Islamic crusade against the West, will have a parallel impact in the numbers of new recruited terror-fighters.

US Life and Economics
Florida off-shore oil and natural gas drilling
When confronting the voices against drilling in the Gulf for oil and gas with the voices which condone it, one cannot but think about the local interests importance vs the more global ones, here, the national interests.
The issue at hand is the absolute and immediate need to find alternative, local sources, for the much needed energy to replace the external ones. It is the conventional energy, in question, oil and natural gas. This, for two, very plausible reasons - strategic and economic, and global politics.
In case of emergency, the first reason, US won't have to depend on others. This can come with a cost tag on it, which can be high. It can also be unreliable at the source end: internal politics and market turmoil, transportation problems, natural disaters, etc..
The other reason is the ransom we may be asked to pay for it, or even pay for it already. Consider the Mid East, consider Venezuela. Chavez is an avowed leftist sending ample oil quantities to Cuba, which we try to boycot; Saudia can pull the strings for the cause, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, thus making potentially a silent pact with the International Terror, which can use it as a lever on the oil-producing Mid East countries in the name of the Umma.
While trying to extract ourselves from those two impasses by developing alternative local conventional energy sources, the local interest is voicing its concern about the possible negative impact of off-shore drilling on the local Floridian tourist economy.
What is more important? Local interests, or national ones? With all the concern I feel for the environment, which surely will be affected negatively more than just a bit and a few times, when balancing the plates, I cannot but think that the national interests come first.

Today's item
Songs praising Stickups (A.P.)
In Garfield, NJ, the leader of a gang, which robbed taxi drivers, recorded a song boasting about it.
Nothing new with robbing. To boast about it, is a novelty. To make it in art-form is a true novelty. But what is more than a novelty, is the fact that the man didn't give a second thought about being caught, else he wouldn't make a CD on it. Boasting publicly about it was more important to him, apparently.
Wishing to show off when commiting a crime and not minding being caught, is a personal blunder that points to a societal sickness.
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